Things That Affect How Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps Work


The length of time the organism is exposed to light determines how effective it will be. Other things like the wavelength and the intensity also play an essential part in getting the results. Other things like the presence of particles can play a significant role in determining the right results. in order to make sure the results are carefully correct, the air or agua is repeatedly exposed to the UV light to make sure that a significant number of microorganisms are exposed to the light. Many are the times when sterilization is said to be workable processes. Most businesses know that it is not easy to achieve such results as sterilization and therefore opt to use the word disinfection. Other companies will use the term 99% efficient. A cell can use UV light to repair damaged DNA. They do that through what is known as light and dark repair. If you are to get the correct results you have to know the line of sight of exposure of the microorganisms to the UV light. If the bulbs have some dust coating it will lower the effectiveness. In order to increase the effectiveness, the bulbs have to be often cleaned.

The other thing that will have to be done is to make sure the bulbs will be changed. The design of the germicidal bulbs determine how long they will live. They are also determined by the different materials used. The airflow cools the lamp, and that contributes to lower the UV output. Therefore it means that it is important to shield the lamps flow airflow so that cooling does not take effect because if it does it will lower the effectiveness of the UV. If you want to increase the performance of the UV, you can use reflection. One of the materials that can help you to achieve this effect is aluminum because it has a very high rate of reflection. One of the ways in which you can measure the effectiveness of UV in water disinfection is by computing the UV dose. Get Desinfección de aire here!

All these processes need a lot of care if you are to get the right results because a slight interference in the process will give completely different results. It is dangerous to get results that are far from the truth because that will mean the decision that are made are not correct and they will not have the intended effect. The products thus produced may not be trusted because they are based on processes that are already interfered with. It is therefore important to have regulatory agencies taking care of those processes to ensure they meet certain standards. Learn more about UV at


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